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Benchtop freeze dryers - UK designed, manufactured and supported

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers are designed, manufactured and supported at our facility near Bristol, UK (as part of our extensive range of LyoDry Freeze Dryers which also includes pilot and production scale freeze dryers).

Used and endorsed by universities, government research institutes, blue chip pharmaceutical manufacturers, chefs and restaurants - in the UK and overseas - LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers have options to suit both your budget and technical requirements.

LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers were originally designed to directly replace the (now obsolete) Modulyo range of freeze dryers which were manufactured by Edwards (and subsequently Thermo Savant). LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers are therefore compatible with most drying chambers and accessories previously used with the Modulyo. So if you just want to upgrade either your Modulyo condenser, or Modulyo drying chamber / accessory, then you can do so with either a LyoDry Freeze Dryer Condenser, or a LyoDry Drying Chamber / Accessory. We will be pleased double check this for you if you advise us of your existing equipment.

All LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers have the benefit of a fully stainless steel cabinet, making them ideal for freeze drying in lab, pharma and food environments. They also have hot gas defrost for a faster turnaround between batches. We can also supply the recommended vacuum pump, or advise whether your existing vacuum pump is suitable. An optional, purpose built, stainless steel trolley is available if required, fitted with castors and brakes and a lower shelf to accommodate the vacuum pump.

There are two models of LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers available:

- The LyoDry Compact is our entry level benchtop freeze dryer. It has a condenser temperature of -55°C (part number LSBC55) or -85°C (part number LSBC85), and an ice condenser capacity of 5Kg. LyoDry Compact is a modular freeze dryer, therefore you can choose from a range of drying chambers, tray accessories and manifold options to suit bulk or flask drying. A clear, LCD display facilitates on-screen control of the vacuum pump and user changeable vacuum and temperature units.

- The LyoDry Benchtop Pro is designed for more closely controlled freeze drying, with the added benefits of data logging, real time and historical temperature and pressure trends, ethernet comms, pressure control and a wide, touchscreen, colour operator interface with icons for easy navigation. If the LyoDry Benchtop Pro is used with our Heated Tray Accessory (part number LSAD6H), then multiple profile creation ('freeze drying recipes') is an added benefit. LyoDry Benchtop Pro is also available with a condenser temperature of -55°C (part number LSB55P) or -85°C (part number LSB85P), and an ice condenser capacity of 5Kg.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers conform to the latest environmental standards, manufactured by F-Gas certified engineers using CFC free refrigeration gas. LyoDry Freeze Dryers are designed to have fast cool down times, helping to minimise energy consumption and maximise life expectancy. They are high end, competitively priced and quality assured. We receive excellent feedback.

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