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Freeze Dryers - Bigger than a Benchtop without the Pilot Scale Price Tag..

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Benchtop freeze dryers are often used for small scale freeze drying or research and development projects, and are also, sometimes, a choice driven by budget. But what if you need something bigger than a benchtop but not with a pilot scale price tag?

Benchtop freeze dryers are not usually chosen for their capaciousness. LyoDry Benchtop freeze dryers have a 5Kg ice condenser capacity. This means that they will process up to a maximum of 5Kg of the ice that is created from the product moisture, per batch. They are often used with an acrylic chamber and tray accessory for bulk freeze drying.

But if you really need a larger freeze dryer, without paying automated pilot scale freeze dryer prices, then there are other options available within the LyoDry range of freeze dryers.

The LyoDry Midi freeze dryer condenser is free standing and designed to sit snugly beside a standard laboratory bench (size-wise, it's analogous to a washing machine, rather than a microwave).

It has an18Kg ice condenser capacity, which is useful if you're freeze drying a very wet product and want to freeze dry in larger batches without having to stop for defrost. The vacuum pump (an Edwards RV12 as standard) is integral and easily accessed for maintenance.

Like the benchtop freeze dryer, the LyoDry Midi is modular: this means that you can choose your drying chamber and accessory.

So it can be used with the standard acrylic chamber and tray accessory, just like the benchtop freeze dryer.

But if you're really looking to scale up your drying capacity, then the LSCC10 10-tray chamber is a great option.

LSCC10 has 10 trays, each individual tray measuring 950 mm x 554mm x 554 mm, giving a total drying area of 1.5m².

Available unheated as standard, one option is a heated chamber to 60°C.

Another option is a manifold valve attachment for flask drying.

If the LyoDry Midi with LSCC10 chamber configuration is ticking your boxes, but not all of them - because you also need data logging, analysis,pressure control, USB and ethernet connections - then the LyoDry Midi Pro is an even better option.

Other conveniences of the LyoDry Midi Pro include colour touch screen control and, if used with a heated chamber, then pre-programmed freeze drying recipes can be used, simplyfying the whole process even further.

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