LyoDry Freeze Dryers
Freeze Dryers from benchtop to pilot and production scale - UK designed, manufactured and supported
Vacuum Dryers
Vacuum Dryers, including Advanced Vacuum Drying System (AVDS), BioDry Vacuum Dryer and customised options
Vacuum Degassing Systems
Vacuum Degassing Systems, standard and customised, for small batch and bulk media types, manual or automated.
Hyscan II Analyser
Hyscan II hydrogen in aluminium analyser provides the measurement of hydrogen in the melt within five minutes of sampling
S35 Gas Sampling Systems
S35 Multi-purpose Gas Sampling Systems (Total Oxidation Units) and Particulate Collection Systems
Vacuum Pumps & Spares
Vacuum Pumps, NW/KF/ISO Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Valves, Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Pump Oils, Fluids and Greases
Vacuum Fittings
KF (NW), ISO and CF vacuum fittings, competitively priced, often available from stock
Used Equipment
Reconditioned Freeze Dryers, Vacuum Pumps and ancillary products
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