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Control upgrades and refurbishment of your existing Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Coating System, Vacuum Leak Detector, Vacuum Degassing System or Vacuum Dryer

Does your existing vacuum equipment need upgrading? We perform automation upgrades / refurbishment of your existing vacuum equipment, including Freeze Dryers (e.g. Edwards SuperModulyo), Vacuum Coaters (e.g. Edwards Auto 306), Leak Detectors (e.g. Edwards Spectron 5000), Vacuum Drying Systems, Vacuum Degassing Systems or Hyscan analysers.

Whether you need a fully re-engineered system for a new process, or to update old, tired equipment that is no longer fully supported, cannot cope with your current capacity requirements or falls short of the latest safety regulations.

With a combined experience of over 50 years in High Vacuum Engineering, we can upgrade your existing freeze dryer or vacuum system, saving you valuable time and money.

Bringing large, complex projects to successful completion -  on time and in budget -  requires sound financial management, good understanding and control of critical path items, and efficient reporting methods. 


Having the right mix of technical expertise in the team is essential. Whatever your needs, our highly experienced and skilled team can meet your requirements.

Working with both Real-Time Systems such as PLC’s and digital loop controllers, and PC based systems such as SCADA, MechaTech Systems will identify requirements and work with you to develop solutions. We can use off-the-shelf packages, or bespoke systems, or a combination, depending on your needs.


SuperModulyo Freeze Dryer Upgrade
Vacuum Systems Upgrade

From simple to complex applications, we recognise the importance of Software Configuration Management and that rigorous version control is essential in a fast moving environment.

Best practice programming rules and conventions are implemented and the code clearly laid out and commented, within the remit of the chosen programming language.


Our skilled in-house mechanical detail design and build capabilities complete the system-manufacturing package. Delays and poor response times sometimes associated with third parties are eliminated, thus providing a competitive and easily managed project.


Edwards Spectron 5000 Control Upgrade
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