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Edwards Vacuum stockists, KNF Diaphragm Pumps and Welch Vacuum authorised agents

We supply Vacuum Pumps, NW/KF/ISO Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Valves, Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Pump Oils, Fluids and Greases for Edwards Vacuum, KNF, Leybold, Pfeiffer, etc. We also hold stocks of Edwards service kits and vacuum pump oils and greases. We are Edwards Vacuum and Welch pump stockists and authorised agents for KNF diaphragm pumps.
As High Vacuum Systems and Freeze Dryer manufacturers, we completely understand the need for top quality, competitive pricing and fast turnaround. We have a close, long established relationship with Edwards Vacuum, and incorporate Edwards vacuum pumps and related equipment into many of our vacuum systems and freeze dryers. Therefore, we stock many Edwards parts, in addition to our own range of KF Vacuum Fittings.


See also Vacuum Pumps and Spares - 'in stock now' list

Whether it's vacuum fittings, a clean and overhaul kit, vacuum pump oil or a new vacuum pump that you need, please Contact Us  for a competitive quotation or any further information.

Edwards Vacuum Stockists
KNF Lab Pumps Agents
Welch Pumps agents
Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Spares, UK

Vacuum Fittings

MechaTech Systems supply own-range vacuum components including KF (NW), ISO and CF vacuum fittings, often available off the shelf. 

NW/KF/ISO Vacuum Fittings

We supply in aluminium or stainless steel and O rings are viton or nitrile, depending on your application. We also offer bespoke vacuum fittings - please ask for details. 


As high vacuum systems manufacturers, we understand the need for top quality, and therefore supply vacuum fittings of the highest specification.

We offer competitive pricing and a fast turnaround! Contact us for a quote, and/or download our Vacuum Fittings Catalogue with dimensional drawings

Edwards Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Do you need a dry scroll pump, for a clean room environment? Or a rotary vane pump such as the Edwards RV8? Or a KNF lab diaphragm pump?

MechaTech Systems have a long history with Edwards Vacuum, are stockists for Edwards and Welch rotary vane pumps, and agents for KNF lab pumps. We usually stock at least one new mid-range rotary vane oil vacuum pump. 


We supply new and used equipment complete with warranty.


We can advise on specification and offer impartial advice about the most appropriate vacuum equipment for the job.


Whether you need a Turbo Pump, a Rotary Vane Pump, or a Dry Vacuum Pump, Contact us for a quote or just some good advice and benefit from our combined experience of over 60 years in high vacuum engineering.  

Vacuum Pump Oils, Fluids and
Vacuum Grease

Vacuum Pump Oil

MechaTech Systems hold a wide range of vacuum pump oils, fluids and greases in stock, so we can often offer a next day delivery. This includes:

Ultragrade 15, 19, 20 and 70 vacuum pump oil
Supervac 15, 19 and 20 vacuum pump oil 
Edwards 45 oil
702 and 704 silicone diffusion pump oil
Fomblin 16/06
Fomblin 24/06 
Dow Corning Silicone high vacuum grease
AR555 Fomblin vacuum grease
Krytox grease
Apiezon W40 wax
Apiezon Q sealing compound  


Vacuum Ball Valves
Pneumatic Vacuum Valves
Solenoid Isolation Valves
APG Pirani Gauges

Active Gauge Controllers/Displays
Active Gauge Cable

EMF Exhaust Mist Filters

Mist Filter Elements
Clean and Overhaul Kits

Vacuum Valves, Vacuum Gauges, Exhaust Mist Filters...

Vacuum Pump Spares

Whatever your vacuum pump requirements are, MechaTech Systems will advise, quote and supply the most appropriate, fit for purpose and cost effective vacuum pump accessories and spares, competitively priced and often available off the shelf for delivery next day. This includes:

Vacuum Valves
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