NW/KF/ISO Vacuum Fittings
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Vacuum Fittings and Components

As manufacturers of High Vacuum Systems and LyoDry Freeze Dryers, we understand the need for top quality and a fast turnaround. We maintain extensive stocks of clamps, O rings, T-pieces, nozzles, and more...

KF25 nozzle hose adaptor
KF25 reducing piece
KF25 O rings and centring rings

MechaTech Systems supply own-range KF (NW), ISO and CF vacuum fittings, often available from stock.

This includes NW and ISO Adaptors, T-pieces, Blank Flanges, Weld Stubs, Nozzles, Reducers, Elbows, Flexible Pipelines, Clamps, O rings and centring rings.


Not sure which vacuum components you need? Our experienced sales team will be pleased to advise. We can cross reference most major manufacturers' part numbers too.


Because we manufacture High Vacuum Systems and Freeze Dryers, we understand the need for top quality, and therefore only supply vacuum fittings of the highest specification.

We offer competitive pricing and a fast turnaround - many vacuum fittings are kept in stock available for next day delivery.


Contact us for a quote, and/or download our Vacuum Fittings Catalogue with dimensional drawings and part numbers.

Vacuum Fittings

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