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Total Oxidation Units, Spares and Service (formerly manufactured by Severn Science Ltd )

MechaTech Systems are specialists in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of a range of S35 multi-purpose mobile Gas Sampling Systems (Total Oxidation Units) and Particulate Collection Systems, for Sulphur 35, Carbon 14 and Tritium, in carbon dioxide and in air. 

We supply and maintain portable gas sampling systems directly to nuclear power generation customers include EDF, Magnox and also their supply chains.

We also supply spares, such as S35-01A Tube Furnaces (also known as oxidation furnaces or instrument conditioning heaters) and glassware originally supplied by Severn Science Ltd.

S35 Multipurpose Gas Sampling Systems  / Total Oxidation Units (TOU)

MechaTech Systems manufacture and support a range of gas sampling systems and particulate collection systems for use within the nuclear power generation industry, supplied direct to EDF and Magnox. 


This includes particulate sampling units, used to sample stack gas filters, and collect radioactive iodine species for analysis,  multipurpose gas samplers, tritium sampling units; and Multipurpose sampling systems for sampling Sulphur 35, Carbon 14 and Tritium, in Carbon dioxide and in air.


We also offer Service Contracts for scheduled equipment service at preferential rates, and upgrades or modifications to existing gas sampling units and particulate collection systems, including those that were supplied by Severn Science. 


We are registered on  Achilles UVDB database, and regularly supply and support nuclear power stations throughout the UK, both direct to EDF and Magnox also and via their preferred partners, including Brammer, ERIKS, Costain, NSG, Studsvik and Babcock.

S35 Gas Sampling Systems
Total Oxidation Units (TOU) for environmental sampling in nuclear power stations
Gas Sampling Systems for Nuclear Power Stations
Customers include Magnox
Customers include EDF

Furnaces, Reaction Tubes and other spare parts for S35 Gas Sampling Systems

MechaTech Systems  supply tube furnaces (also known as oxidation furnaces or instrument conditioning heaters) to the nuclear power generation industry. We use original Severn Science part numbers, so that identification is clear and straightforward.


This includes:


        -  S35 110V furnace 
        -  S35 Silica reaction tubes
        -  S35 thermocouples
        -  SC575 furnace
        -  High temperature gaskets
        -  Drechsel bottle carrier

MechaTech Systems supply the full range of gas sampling spares, silica reaction tubes, thermocouples etc, which were originally supplied by Severn Science Ltd.  Download our S35 Spare Parts List or Contact Us for further information and a quotation.

Oxidation Furnace for S35 Gas Sampling System

Maintenance of Total Oxidation Units

As regular suppliers to EDF and Magnox, MechaTech Systems provide on-site scheduled maintenance and repairs of S35 Gas Sampling Systems (TOUs) which were originally manufactured manufactured by MechaTech Systems or Severn Science Ltd

Registered and audited by Achilles UVDB, we regularly visit nuclear and decommissioning sites to conduct repairs and maintenance. View our Quality Assurance certification.  Please Contact Us for a quotation or any further information.

S35 Downloads

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