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Reconditioned Vacuum Pumps and Lab Ovens for Sale!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As designers, manufacturers and a service centre for High Vacuum Systems and LyoDry Freeze Dryers, from time to time we have secondhand, reconditioned equipment available. We currently have a selection of used vacuum pumps and lab ovens.

All secondhand equipment is sold fully refurbished in good working order, with a six month warranty.

We currently have the following refurbished equipment available at competitive prices:

Edwards E2M2 vacuum pump

Edwards Speedivac 2 vacuum pump

Edwards RV8 vacuum pump with EMF10 exhaust filter

Edwards E2M18 vacuum pump

Edwards E2M40 vacuum pump Edwards E1M80 vacuum pump

Leybold Ruvac WAU 251 roots vacuum pump

Savant VLP 200 vacuum pump with EMF10 exhaust filter

Savant VLP 285 vacuum pump

SNOL 20/300 Laboratory Oven

You can download the price list here > Used Equipment Price List 2021 and view each of the above on our main website here >

All prices exclude delivery and VAT - please Contact Us for a quotation or any further information.



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