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Vacuum Degassing System with portability

As High Vacuum Systems specialists, one of our core products is a portable vacuum degassing system, used on oilfields across the globe, to remove air and other gases from drilling fluids, and also for other applications where degassed oil (or an alternative media) is needed.

The MechaTech Systems Oil Filling/Degassing Rig comprises a mobile, trolley mounted, glass oil reservoir with fluid and vacuum pumps, and a control panel with vacuum, fluid and temperature instrumentation.

During the degassing cycle, the fluid pump continually circulates oil through an in-line filter, heater block and spreader plate, back into the reservoir. Throughout this cycle the chamber is evacuated using the onboard vacuum pump.

Temperature and pressure are monitored via gauges mounted on the control panel.

During the tool fill cycle, the operator evacuates the tool,then diverts the flow of oil to fill the tool. Oil returning from the tool is passed back into the reservoir. An indicator on the control panel, when illuminated, warns the operator of the need to replace the filter.

The trolley is fully portable, fitted with swivel wheels on the front.

MechaTech Systems are specialists in the design, manufacture and maintainance of standard and customised vacuum degassing systems for small batch and bulk media types, manual or automated. Customers include international blue chip oilfield service providers, nanotechnology R&D companies, optical, electrical components, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers etc both in the UK and internationally.

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