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Vacuum Pump Spares – quality assured & competitively priced!

Updated: Feb 18

We supply Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Spares throughout the UK and overseas.

As OEMS ourselves, we totally appreciate the need for top quality, competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

We design, manufacture and maintain vacuum systems and freeze dryers. So, by necessity, we are also stockists of original manufacturer Vacuum Pump Spares and maintain a ready stock, including:

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Genuine manufacturers’ service kits and EMF mist filter elements

  • Own range NW/KF/ISO vacuum components: blanks, T-pieces, flexible hose, adaptors, nozzles, O rings and centring rings, etc, from our downloadable vacuum fittings catalogue, complete with dimensional drawings:

  • Vacuum valves: SS, aluminium, Speedivalves, isolation valves, air admit valves, needle valves etc

  • Vacuum gauges: Pirani, Wide range, AIM, etc digital and analogue

  • Vacuum pump oils, fluids and greases, including Dow Corning silicon HV grease

We are Edwards Vacuum stockists, authorised agents and a service centre for KNF diaphragm pumps and Welch CRVPRO range of vacuum pumps.

We can also supply pumps and spare parts for most of the major vacuum pump manufacturers including Leybold, Pfeiffer, Vacuubrand etc.

Whether it’s an KF25 riffled nozzle, an EMF10 mist filter or a new vacuum pump that you need, please Contact Us for a competitive quote.

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