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Severn Science Ltd was a renowned and respected scientific instrument manufacturer and vacuum service centre for 30 years. Severn Science ceased trading in 2007. 


Immediately, key staff set up MechaTech Systems Ltd, having purchased the IP rights for all of the vacuum engineering from Severn Science, including freeze dryershigh vacuum systems, Hyscan II gas analysers and S35 Gas Sampling Systems.

Severn Science
Seven Science circa 2005

Severn Science circa 2005

Today, we are MechaTech Systems Ltd...

Severn Science had a first class reputation for the supply and service of wide range of scientific vacuum equipment, all of which MechaTech Systems supply today. MechaTech Systems continues to nurture that excellent reputation - see our customer feedback

...offering the same, and more products and services...

Today, we use the very latest in High Vacuum and Freeze Drying technology. We continuously invest in our business and develop our core range of products and services. In 2014, we were highly commended by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for an innovative vacuum drying solution and shortlisted for the NDA Minister's Award. In 2018, we celebrated 10 successful years in business.

...from the same location..

In the summer of 2011, we returned to the former address of Severn Science Ltd, here at Brunel Way in Thornbury, Bristol. We even have the same Severn Science 'phone number!

...with an ever growing level of expertise!

Our senior management team are former Severn Science staff, and we have a wealth of knowledge - and technical drawings, schematics, spares lists etc for Severn Science manufactured systems.  And we're very happy to share that knowledge with our customers. 

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