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Up to 42 shelves, controllable 20°C to  65°C, Fully Automated, Touch Screen Control, UK Designed, Manufactured and Maintained, Quality Assured

The BioDry Vacuum Dryer is a fully automated, production scale Vacuum Dryer for industrial vacuum drying in a clean room environment, designed to remove solvent (typically water) at low temperatures in controlled and reproducible batches.

Suitable for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications, the BioDry Vacuum Dryer features touch screen control with data analysis and end point determination eliminating under-drying or wasteful over-drying.

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

42 Temperature Controlled, Stainless Steel Shelves, 20°C to 65°C

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

Ideal for Clean Room applications, with separate plant room

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

BioDry Vacuum Dryer

Fully automated with Touch Screen Control, Pre-Programmed 'recipes', Data Logging and Alarms

BioDry Vacuum Dryer - plant room

BioDry Vacuum Dryer - plant room

BioDry is ideal for clean room applications and quiet working areas, as the plant is housed in a separate room for easy maintenance


BioDry Vacuum Dryer comprises a large vacuum drying chamber and a refrigerated condenser with a combination of vacuum pumps. The chamber incorporates up to 42 heated and refrigerated shelves. The shelves are temperature controlled between 20°C and 65°C.


Samples are loaded and unloaded via two outward opening doors. The doors are fitted with glass viewports for sample inspection during the drying process.


A touch screen operator interface provides a full system mimic for simple, user friendly navigation to data acquisition and set point programming. Features include comprehensive event and alarm management and local data logging facilities,  display of condenser pressure and temperature and password protection.


Up to four product probe sensors  enable continuous monitoring of the process.

The control system accurately determines the point at which the waste has reached its required level of dryness, known as end point determination, eliminating under-drying or wasteful over-drying.


BioDry Vacuum Dryer is a 'through-the-wall' system - the machinery is located in a separate room -   and therefore ideally suited to cleanroom environments, where only the Chamber and Operator Interface are exposed for access.

MechaTech Systems have a combined experience of over 50 years in the design, manufacture and commissioning of High Vacuum Systems.​ The AVDS Advanced Vacuum Drying System won the 2014 Magnox Innovation award and was highly commended by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. We can provide:

  • Installation, commissioning and operator training

  • Comprehensive FAT programme is submitted to the client for approval

  • Standard 12 month warranty - extended warranty available

  • Design, installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) in client's presence


  • Large scale, closely controlled vacuum drying

  • High capacity condenser 

  • Up to 42 shelves, temperature controlled between 20°C and 65°C

  • Data acquisition/logging/analysis

  • Automatic endpoint determination

  • Comprehensive event and alarm management

  • Fully automated touch screen control

  • Minimal operator intervention

  • Easy loading and unloading of samples

  • Installation, commissioning, operational qualification

  • UK designed, manufactured and supported

  • 12 months standard warranty, extendable to 24 months with a service contract (terms apply)

Vacuum Dryers for cleanroom

BioDry Vacuum Dryer is ideal for cleanrooms, as the machinery is located in a separate plant room


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