-55°C or -85°C, 18KG Condenser  |  Data Logging, Touch Screen Control, Alarms
UK Designed, Manufactured and Supported


LyoDry Midi Pro is specially designed for more closely controlled freeze drying applications, with touch screen control and enhanced functionality including data logging, real time and historical temperature and pressure trends, ethernet comms and USB. 


A modular freeze dryer, it is designed to work with a wide variety of drying chambers, including our LSCC10 10-tray chamber (pictured below left), for larger scale freeze drying. It sits compactly beside a standard laboratory bench, with its own integral vacuum pump.

Suitable for a broad range of freeze drying duties including pharma, food and beverage, botanical, geological and archaeological applications, LyoDry Midi Pro enables closely controlled freeze drying on a more economical scale than traditional pilot scale freeze dryers.


Lab pilot scale freeze dryer with large chamber
LyoDry Midi Pro with 24-port column manifold
LyoDry Midi Pro Freeze Dryer with Chamber and Tray Accessory

LyoDry Midi Pro Freeze Dryer has touch screen control and enhanced functionality including data logging, pressure control,
real time and historical temperature and pressure trends, ethernet comms and USB. 

The NEW LyoDry Midi Pro Freeze Dryer incorporates all of the features of our standard LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryer:

  • Condenser temperature -55­°C OR -85°C

  • Ice condenser capacity 18Kg

  • Modular - use with your preferred drying chamber or manifold

  • Visible ice condenser chamber

  • Hot gas defrost

  • Direct replacement for SuperModulyo freeze dryer

  • UK designed , manufactured and supported

...occupying the same footprint, but with enhanced functionality for closely controlled freeze drying.
   Enhanced features include:

  • Wide, touch screen operator interface

  • Icons for easy navigation

  • Real time and historical trending of temperature and pressure values

  • Data logging

  • Different user accounts with password protection

  • Alarm history

  • Ethernet comms

  • Pressure control

  • Multiple profile creation when used with LSAD6H Heated Shelf Accessory


Lyodry Midi Pro has a condenser capacity of 18Kg and condenser temperature options of either:


  • -55°C (part number LSM55P) or

  • -85°C (part number LSM85P)


A modular system, it is designed to work with a wide variety of drying accessories to accommodate bulk materials, flasks, vials and ampules.  





The LyoDry Midi Pro features a wide screen, touch operator interface.


Benchtop Pro Freeze Dryer temperature and pressure trending

This provides simple, user-friendly icons for easy navigation to :

  • Main Screen: Temperature and Pressure Display

  • Controls: Start/Stop controls for Refrigeration, Defrost, Vacuum Pump, Drain Valve and Pressure Set Point Adjustment

  • Settings

  • Archive for downloadable recorded data

  • Add and setup different user accounts

  • Trends: Real-time Temperature and pressure trends with option to display historical trends

  • Recipes: for creating temperature profiles (Ramps and Dwells) for LSAD6H heated tray accessory


Combine LyoDry Midi Pro with LSAD6H Heated Accessory, and multiple profile creation enables freeze drying recipes for different temperature profiles (ramps and dwells).  


These chambers are also compatible with the LyoDry Compact, LyoDry Benchtop Pro, the standard LyoDry Midi and most Modulyo & Supermodulyo freeze dryers:

Acrylic drying chamber 

Part No: LSDC

Acrylic chamber
 & 6-tray assemby

Part No: LSAD6

Heated  Tray Accessory
Part No: LSAD6H

LSDC: acrylic drying chamber & lid & L-gaskets
LSAD6: chamber with 6-tray, SS rack assembly
LSAD6H Heated Accessory

See the complete range of freeze dryer accessories available:


LyoDry Midi Pro Freeze Dryer
LyoDry Midi Pro
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"The service is excellent, fast and efficient. We bought a LyoDry Freeze Dryer and are very happy with it. The support and service was perfect to an extent that we have recently bought another LyoDry..We would happily recommend both the LyoDry Freeze dryer and Mechatech to other laboratories."

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