Production Freeze Dryer, UK manufactured

42 Product Shelves,Temperature Controlled ± 60°C, UK Designed, Manufactured and Maintained

Pharmaceutical production freeze dryer


Pharmaceutical Applications
Laboratory Applications
The LyoDry Production Freeze Dryer is the largest in the LyoDry range of Freeze Dryers, with the same features and benefits, but on a production scale, enabling large scale, controllable freeze drying of bulk samples in a single cycle.
LyoDry Production Freeze Dryer is ideally suited to pharmaceutical, clean room, freeze drying. Freezing, primary and secondary drying, end point determination, backfill and stoppering sequences are controlled by a central processor unit. This allows complex pressure and temperature profiles to be controlled accurately and reproducibly, without operator intervention.


LyoDry Production freeze dryer comprises a stainless steel, rectangular drying chamber, which holds up to 42 temperature controlled shelves, ±60°C. 


The LyoDry Production freeze dryer's user friendly operator interface allows freeze drying 'recipes' to be pre-programmed, stored and password protected. The operator has flexibility and confidence in the control and monitoring of the entire freeze drying process.


A through-the-wall configuration ensures that all machinery can be located away from the user interface in a separate plant room, an essential feature if you are operating in a clean room environment.

Production Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer
Freeze Dryer for clean rooms


MechaTech Systems' Freeze dryers are fully assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested before shipment. Installation, commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing can be undertaken in the presence of the client.

Commonly available component parts ensure a long life and ease of maintenance. Maintenance contracts can be provided.

Clients include blue chip pharmaceutical , food and beverage, university, government research centres and archaeological conservators.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements in more detail. Our in-house design team can adapt the LyoDry Production freeze dryer to meet your specific process requirements.