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Compact Benchtop Freeze Dryer: quality assured and budget friendly

Updated: May 21

The LyoDry Compact benchtop freeze dryer - UK designed, manufactured and supported - is the optimum choice for laboratories seeking a quality assured, budget friendly, benchtop lyophilizer.

LyoDry Compact has a 5Kg capacity ice condenser with temperature options of either -55°C or -85°C and can be used with a wide choice of drying chambers and freeze drying accessories.

Originally designed to directly replace the (obsolete) Edwards Modulyo freeze dryer, the LyoDry Compact has an identical accessory flange so that drying accessories are directly interchangeable. Whilst also providing some end-user familiarity for Modulyo users, the latest LyoDry Compact includes many contemporary enhancements, including:

  • a lab-friendly, polished stainless steel chassis

  • automatic hot gas defrost

  • a bright, clear LCD display which is visible even from a distance

  • vacuum units in millibar, Torr or pascal & temperature units in Celsius or Fahrenheit

  • a system start-up bar which clearly indicates time remaining until 'Ready'

  • on-screen vacuum pump control with easy to follow commands

Freeze drying chamber options include a clear acrylic chamber with lid and L-gaskets and stainless steel tray accessory (unheated or with heater mats and a controller), a bell jar for smaller batches, a column manifold for flask drying or, where bulk and flask drying are needed, an acrylic chamber with ported lid for flasks. Accessory options also include a secondary drying manifold and spin freezer.

The recommended vacuum pump can also be quoted or we will be happy to advise whether your existing vacuum pump is suitable.

An optional purpose-built trolley  has a lower shelf for the vacuum pump, castors and brakes
An optional purpose-built trolley has a lower shelf for the vacuum pump, castors and brakes

LyoDry Compact occupies, as its name suggests, a compact footprint. It is designed to sit on a laboratory bench or, for added height convenience and portability, on an optional purpose-built, stainless steel trolley which has a lower shelf for the vacuum pump, castors and brakes.

This is our most budget friendly model which can be purchased outright, or there is a hire-to-buy option for the -55°C version which enables buyers to purchase new equipment via monthly payments.

Alternatively, used benchtop freeze dryers with an acrylic chamber, tray accessory and vacuum pump can be rented from £650.00 per month.

Finally but importantly, support is always on hand whether you need guidance with choosing your freeze dryer or after sales advice. On-site set-up and operator training, an annual service contract or maintenance on-demand are available as required. Our customer service is first class and we receive excellent feedback.

For any further information and/or a quotation, please contact us.



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