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Comparing Freeze Dryer Chambers: Finding the Best Fit for Your Laboratory Freeze Dryer

MechaTech Systems supply freeze dryer chambers and spare parts which are suitable for use with our own range of LyoDry freeze dryers and Edwards Modulyo and Supermodulyo freeze dryers. Read on to compare and find the best fit for your laboratory freeze dryer.

LyoDry laboratory freeze dryers (including Benchtop and Midi lyophilizers) were originally designed to directly replace Edwards Modulyo and Supermodulyo freeze dryers. So, our freeze dryer accessories and spares are usually compatible with Edwards freeze dryers too. If you're unsure, we will be pleased to check this for you.

Our most popular drying chamber is the Acrylic Chamber (part number LSDC) The acrylic chamber directly replaces the Edwards acrylic chamber (part number F056-52-000) and is supplied complete with removable lid and 2 x L-gaskets. Measuring 350mm diameter x 435mm high, it is ideal for a wide range of bulk freeze drying applications. Alternatively, if you need a smaller, cheaper option, the Acrylic Bell Jar (part number LSDCS) measures 212mm diameter x 215mm working height and is supplied with the L-gasket.

Acrylic Chamber with Lid and L-Gaskets
Acrylic Chamber with Lid and L-Gaskets (pt no LSDC)
Acrylic Bell Jar with L-Gasket
Acrylic Bell Jar with L-Gasket (pt no LSDCS)

The Acrylic Chamber (LSDC) is commonly used with the 6-Tray Drying Rack (part number LSD6) with removable stainless steel trays, Each individual tray is 284mm diameter x 30mm high providing a total drying area of 0.38m², enabling freeze drying of multiple samples in a single cycle. Alternatively, we also supply a 2-Tray Drying Rack (part number LSD2) which has 2 x flat stainless steel trays each measuring 310mm, with a height of 132.5mm between each layer.

Freeze Dryer Trays
Freeze Dryer Trays - 6-trays (pt no LSD6)

Freeze Dryer Tray Accessory
Freeze Dryer Trays - 2-trays (pt no LSD2)

Need to freeze dry faster? The Heated Tray Drying Accessory (part number LSAD6H) which includes the acrylic chamber and 6-tray accessory adds energy in the form of heat via heater mats and a temperature controller (0°C – 60°C). If you need the ability to freeze dry in flasks as well as bulk samples, the Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid (part number LSDCV) can be used with either of the tray accessories mentioned above. Each of the 8 ports is fitted with a neoprene valve, 3/4" ID, suitable for flasks of up to 1 litre capacity.

Heated Tray Drying Accessory for Freeze Dryer
Heated Tray Drying Accessory (pt no LSAD6H)

Acrylic Chamber with flask attachments
Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid (pt no LSDCV)

Or, if you are only freeze drying in flasks and need larger volume, the 24-port column manifold (part number LSPM24) in stainless steel is supplied complete with 24 neoprene valves mounted radially around the column, each of which are 3/4" ID, and suitable for flasks of up to 1 litre capacity.

manifold for flask drying
24-port column manifold (pt no LSPM24)

We also supply the neoprene valves (part number LSRV) individually too, along with B19, B24 and B29 rubber adaptors (which connect the valve to the manifold). If you already have an Edwards column manifold or drum manifold and just need replacement valves, these are compatible too, directly replacing the old Edwards part number, F056-48-000.

For freeze drying in ampoules, we supply Spin Freezers and Secondary Drying Manifolds , either with your new LyoDry Benchtop or Midi freeze dryer, or as replacements to suit your Edwards Modulyo or Supermodulyo freeze dryer.

The Spin Freezer (part number LSSP) employs evaporative cooling and centrifugation to freeze samples in a thin layer on one side of each ampule for faster drying, and it's supplied with 5 interchangeable carriers to accommodate ampoules of varying sizes and capacities.

The Secondary Drying Manifold (part number LSDM96) is available with either 96, 48 or 24 ports (part number LSDM96) complete with adaptor nipples for desorption (secondary drying) of samples in ampoules.

Spin Freezer for evaporative cooling
Spin Freezer (pt no LSSP)

Secondary Drying Manifold for lyophilizer
Secondary Drying Manifold (pt no LSDM96)

We also supply spare adaptor nipples (part number LSAN) in packs of 48 units, for the secondary drying manifold (also compatible with the older Edwards secondary drying manifolds).

10-Tray Freeze Dryer Chamber
10-Tray Freeze Dryer Chamber (pt no LSCC10)

If greater capacity is required but on a laboratory scale budget (as opposed to more expensive pilot scale models), the LyoDry Midi freeze dryer condenser (which replaces the Supermodulyo EF12K condenser) can be used with our 10-tray, stainless steel chamber (part number LSCC10). This provides up to 1.5m² drying area and is available either unheated or heated, and can also be fitted with a manifold assembly for additional flask drying. This chamber can also be retrofitted to a Supermodulyo freeze dryer.

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