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Hydrogen in the Melt

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Aluminium alloys absorb hydrogen in the liquid state. Unless removed, porosity will occur in the casting. Substantial improvements in the quality and reliability of aluminium alloy castings are achievable if the hydrogen content of the melt is controlled.

An accurate measurement of hydrogen in the melt before casting is essential to ensure that degassing operations achieve the specified quality acceptance value.

Hyscan II hydrogen in aluminium analyser, manufactured by MechaTech Systems Ltd, is used for quality control and process investigation on shop floors of production foundries throughout the world.

Hyscan II (formerly manufactured by Severn Science Ltd) uses a reduced pressure technique to determine the hydrogen content, providing the quantitative measurement of hydrogen in the melt - within five minutes of sampling.

Financial benefits accrue from lower scrap rates and reduced energy and labour costs. These savings often allow the retrieval of the capital cost of Hyscan II in less than one year.



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