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New Product – Drechsel Bottle Carrier for your S35 Gas Sampling System

We are pleased to introduce the latest accessory for S35 Gas Sampling Systems – a Drechsel bottle carrier for transportation of up to 6 x 250ml Drechsel bottles.

The purpose-built Drechsel bottle carrier with lid is specially designed to locate and accommodate 6 x 250ml Drechsel bottles with diffusers and associated tubes.

It is manufactured in brushed stainless steel with 4 x over centre clamps used to secure the lid to the carrier.

Plastic locator discs are fitted to the inside of the carrier to locate the bases of the Drechsel bottles.

A silicone seal between the lid and the carrier provides added protection, and a carrying handle adds extra convenience.

Find out more about the Drechsel Bottle Carrier and S35 Gas Sampling Systems:

Or Contact Us for any further information and a quotation:

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