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-55°C or -85°C, 18Kg Ice Condenser  
UK Designed, Manufactured and Maintained

In addition to Benchtop Freeze Dryers, we also manufacture larger laboratory freeze dryers:


LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryers are high end, low cost, all purpose laboratory freeze dryers, suitable for a broad range of laboratory, pharma, food and flora applications with drying chamber options to suit bulk materials, flasks, vials and ampules. 

Designed to sit beside a standard laboratory bench, and to directly replace the Edwards EF12K SuperModulyo® laboratory freeze dryer. Today they incorporate the latest advances in freeze drying technology.

All LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryers include, as standard:

  • an 18Kg ice condenser capacity,

  • condenser temperature options of either -55°C or -85°C

  • hot gas defrost 

  • an integral rotary vane vacuum pump. As standard.

LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryers are used and endorsed by Universities, Government Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage labs throughout the UK and overseas.

UK designed, manufactured and supported. Quality assured.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

There are two LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryer options available:

Midi Freeze Dryer Options

Entry level, 18Kg ice condenser, -55°C or -85°C condenser temperature options, ideal for budget conscious R&D labs and start-up businesses. A low cost, high end freeze drying solution. A direct replacement for the Edwards EF12K SuperModulyo freeze dryer and compatible with most Supermodulyo accessories.

Laboratory Lyophilizers

For more closely controlled freeze drying applications, -55°C or -85°C condenser temperature options, with enhanced functionality including data logging, real time and historical temperature and pressure trends, ethernet comms. A direct replacement for the Edwards SuperModulyo benchtop freeze dryer, with enhanced features and compatible with most SuperModulyo accessories.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer with Data Logging


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