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Laboratory Freeze Dryer - currently in stock...

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Need a new laboratory freeze dryer in a hurry? The LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryer, -55 °C laboratory freeze dryer is currently available from stock.

LSMC55 LyoDry Midi Freeze Dryer has an 18Kg ice condenser capacity and a -55°C condenser temperature.

The Acrylic Chamber and SS Tray Accessory, with 6 x (removable) trays, provides up to 0.38m² total drying area.

LyoDry Midi has visible ice build up and enables faster batch processing with hot gas defrost.

Fitted with an integral Edwards RV12 Vacuum Pump, which is easily accessible for servicing via a recess below the condenser.

Featuring a clear, bright LCD display, visible even from a distance, simple commands allow the operator to view vacuum units in millibar, Torr or pascal; and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

System status is obvious, even at a glance. The vacuum pump is controlled on-screen, and the user is prompted to do this when the condenser reaches temperature.

LyoDry Midi is suitable for a wide range of freeze drying duties including pharma, food and beverage, botanical, geological and archaeological applications. It was originally designed to directly replace the Edwards EF12 Supermodulyo®  freeze dryer, but today incorporates the latest freeze drying technologies. 

And it's currently available from stock.

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