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LyoDry Benchtop Freeze Dryers - which model is best for you?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

LyoDry Benchtop freeze dryers are UK designed, manufactured and supported, and quality assured, by MechaTech Systems Ltd. We manufacture different models to suit a variety of application requirements and budgets. Which model is best for you?

There are two benchtop freeze dryer models in the LyoDry range: the LyoDry Compact and the LyoDry Benchtop Pro.

Both models:

  • are high end, economical, all-purpose freeze dryers, suitable for a wide range of freeze drying applications including pharmaceutical, food, university r&d, amongst others

  • come with a fully stainless steel, polished cabinet as standard, ideal for environments such as pharmaceutical and university laboratories and chef's kitchens

  • have an ice condenser capacity of 5Kg per batch before defrost is required

  • have condenser temperature options of either -55°C or -85°C. Your choice will depend upon the eutectic (freezing) point of your product

  • have hot gas defrost and a front drain valve as standard - for added speed and convenience between batches

  • are available with a wide choice of drying chambers, manifolds and accessories to suit almost every sample type

  • are available with our recommended vacuum pump, if required. If you already have a vacuum pump, we will be pleased to advise whether it's compatible

  • were originally designed as a direct replacement for the (now obsolete) Edwards Modulyo freeze dryer - accessories are interchangeable

So which model is best for you?

If you're seeking an entry level freeze dryer which is economical yet high quality, without the bells and whistles, then the LyoDry Compact has some excellent standard features including:

  • a clear, bright LCD display so that system status is obvious at a glance

  • operator changeable temperature units in Celsius or Fahrenheit

  • operator changeable vacuum units in millibar, Torr or pascal

  • on-screen operator prompted vacuum pump control

Or, if you need a freeze dryer with increased functionality, then the LyoDry Benchtop Pro offers additional features including:

  • a wide screen, colour, touch screen operator interface with intuitive navigation

  • real time and historical trending of temperature and pressure values

  • data logging, pressure control, alarms history and password protected user accounts

  • Ethernet comms and USB

  • Multiple profile creation (freeze drying 'recipes') if used together with our heated drying accessory (part number LSAD6H)

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are used and endorsed by universities, government research departments, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, chefs and archaeological conservators, both in the UK and overseas. We receive excellent feedback.

More information required, or a quotation? Please contact us: / +44 (0) 1454 414723

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