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Season's Greetings, the 2022 review (and Christmas Opening Hours)!

Season's Greetings from all of the team at MechaTech Systems! Here's a brief overview of our very busy 2022, and our Opening hours over Christmas.

January began with our very first export to Zimbabwe. The Chinhoyi University of Technology received the LyoDry Compact benchtop freeze dryer, for freeze drying plant and animal based food samples in their food science laboratory.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers

Since January LyoDry freeze dryers - lab scale, pilot and production scale - have arrived at universities, government research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and food reseach companies throught the UK and overseas. We've also continued to hire used benchtop freeze dryers to a number of business start-ups and research centres to carry out their own freeze drying trials.

Hyscan II Hydrogen in Aluminium Analysers have shipped to automotive foundries and aluminium research customers in the UK and China, providing the quanititative measurement of hydrogen in aluminium within just five minutes of sampling.

Hyscan II Hydrogen in Aluminium Analyser

Our continuing work with nuclear decommissioning sites in the UK and overseas has included conducting trials for vacuum drying simulant nuclear waste to ascertain the suitability of the Advanced Vacuum Drying System (AVDS).

Advanced Vacuum Drying System

We attended the NDA Group Supply Chain Event in July to showcase the AVDS, where we discussed the benefits of vacuum drying wet waste, making it suitable for transportation and long term storage. Existing AVDS machines continue to condition intermediate level nuclear waste at UK decommissioning sites, serviced and upgraded by our engineers throughout 2022.

As manufacturers of High Vacuum equipment and Freeze Dryers, both components and accessories, are in constant demand, whether it's an O ring, a T-piece, vacuum pump oil or a freeze dryer chamber requirement.

Vacuum Pump Spares

Supply chain delays and unprecedented price increases have been a problem for many during 2022. We reacted by increasing our stocks in a bid to avoid delays and maintain competitive pricing for our customers.

Our Service Department has seen continued growth this year. The maintenance and repair of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems (vacuum degassers, vacuum drying systems, Hyscan II etc) freeze dryers and scientific instruments has become increasingly important to our customers, to keep their existing equipment working efficiently. As always, we work to the stringent quality management, health and safety and environmental standards demanded by our customer base. We are delighted to receive excellent feedback.

As if all of the above wasn't enough, we have also been conducting R&D and working on product development, to enhance, innovate and incorporate the very latest vacuum and freeze drying technology into our product range.

We celebrated with a well deserved Christmas Dinner recently at local Thornbury restaurant, Ronnie's. It was truly excellent and enjoyed by all. If you're in the area and looking for oustanding cuisine and service, we highly recommend Ronnie's!

Finally, we sincerely thank all of our customers, distributors, suppliers, staff and subcontractors, for contributing to the continued success of MechaTech Systems Ltd.

Our offices close for the festive period on 23rd December, re-opening on 3rd January 2023. We wish you all a restful, very Merry Christmas and a successful and Happy New Year - we look forward to working with you in 2023!

Merry Christmas from MechaTech Systems!

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