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Production Vacuum Dryer No 6 Delivered!

We recently delivered a sixth BioDry Production Scale Vacuum Dryer to our UK microbiology diagnostics customer.

The BioDry Vacuum Dryer is a fully automated, production scale Vacuum Dryer for industrial vacuum drying at low temperatures in a controlled and reproducible way.

With up to 42 temperature controlled shelves, a total drying area of 16.8m2 is accessed via two outward opening hinged doors for easy loading and unloading of samples.

Special features include touch screen control with data analysis and end point determination, eliminating under-drying or wasteful over-drying. A separate plant room makes this an ideal clean room solution.

MechaTech Systems Ltd, have a combined experience of over fifty years in the design, manufacture and maintenance of Vacuum Dryers and Vacuum Drying Systems.

Read more and/or contact us for further information:

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