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LyoDry Freeze Dryers and Hyscan II at BCEIA China, October 2019

Our esteemed Chinese distributors, BeiJing Michem Instruments Co.,Ltd., will be showcasing our LyoDry Freeze Dryers and Hyscan II Hydrogen in Aluminium Analyser at the 18th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrument Analysis (BCEIA) this month.

BCEIA is a highly specialized and well respected international analytical instruments conference and exhibition in China.

Beijing Michem Instruments Co Ltd will be taking the opportunity to introduce our latest LyoDry Benchtop Pro Freeze Dryer, which includes all the features of our best selling LyoDry Compact Benchtop Freeze Dryer, with enhanced functionality.

LyoDry Benchtop Pro features wide, touch screen, colour control with data logging and pressure control, enabling closely controlled lyophilization on a small, affordable scale.

With condenser temperatures of either -55°C or -85°C, a fully stainless steel cabinet and a wide array of drying chamber options, LyoDry Benchtop Pro is ideal for most freeze drying applications, including pharma, food and laboratory samples, for drying in bulk, flasks, vials or ampoules.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are UK designed and manufactured by MechaTech Systems Ltd, and distributed in China by Beijing Michem Instruments Co Ltd.

Visit Beijing Michem Instruments Co Ltd on Booth No. 42056 at BCEIA, 23rd – 26th October.

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