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Merry Christmas from MechaTech!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Our offices will close on Tuesday 24th December, re-opening on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

How has another whole year of designing, manufacturing and maintaining LyoDry Freeze Dryers and High Vacuum Systems whizzed by already?

Despite external shenanigans (let's not get political, nor mention the 'B' word), we are happy to report that 2019 has proved another good year for MechaTech Systems.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers and High Vacuum Systems (vacuum dryers, vacuum degassing systems and Hyscan II hydrogen in Aluminium analyser) continue to sell far and wide in the UK and overseas.

Many new and existing customers have been taking advantage of our dedicated vacuum service department. Our engineers travel up and down the country to carry out scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs to vacuum systems, freeze dryers and vacuum pumps. And our despatch department is constantly occupied arranging collections and returns of equipment for in-house repairs and service. The office is kept equally busy typing up Service Reports for our customers. We've received some excellent feedback!

A sixth BioDry Production Scale Vacuum Dryer was delivered to our microbiology diagnostics customer...

...and we are soon to upgrade their other BioDry Vacuum Dryers, by installing new dry vacuum pumps to replace their existing oil pumps. Drystar 80 pumps provide a clean, robust and cost effective alternative to traditional oil-sealed pumps. This will not only suit our customer's clean application requirements better, but will also greatly reduce their scheduled maintenance costs.

Throughout 2019, we have conducted vacuum drying trials for a number of customers in a variety of different fields, including nuclear decommissioning and pharmaceutical. Trials enable customers to decide how effective the vacuum drying process is for their specific application and can lead to long terms solutions such as the innovation award-winning Advanced Vacuum Drying System, for in-box drying of nuclear waste.

New products and developments this year include a brand new Drechsel bottle carrier for use with our S35 Gas Sampling Systems...

...and further developments to our LyoDry Benchtop Pro and LyoDry Midi Pro Freeze Dryers include an upgrade to the colour touch screen interface, so that it's even more user friendly, and real time and historical trending are obvious at a glance. Keep reading for a sneak preview of our special laboratory freeze dryers promotion in the New Year.

In October, our China agent, Beijing Michem, showcased our latest LyoDry Benchtop Pro freeze dryer at the 18th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrument Analysis.

Meanwhile, our Spares Department continues to supply vacuum spares and freeze drying spares across the UK and internationally. As OEMS ourselves, we supply only genuine spares at competitive prices and they're often available from stock.

All in all, it's been a jolly busy year and, like you, we're looking forward to cracking open the mince pies and putting our feet up festively! Our offices will close on 24th December, re-opening on 2nd January 2020.

What's happening in 2020? Watch this space for details of a special promotion of LyoDry Laboratory Freeze Dryers, including our benchtop and Midi range with accessories and vacuum pump, from 1st January. More info coming soon!

Merry Christmas from MechaTech!
Merry Christmas from MechaTech!

Very many thanks to all of our customers and suppliers for your continued business.

All of the MechaTech team wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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