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Scaling up your R&D freeze dryer to Pilot Scale?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

You might own (or rent) a benchtop freeze dryer already, that you've used for research and development. Now, you need more capacity and want to scale up your benchtop freeze dryer to a pilot scale freeze dryer. So what are the options?

There are a number of factors that you're likely to be considering: physical space is one important factor; available budget is often the most significant.

Below are some pilot scale options from the LyoDry range of Freeze Dryers, arranged in order of price, with the lowest cost options first:

  • LyoDry Midi freeze dryer has an 18Kg ice condenser capacity, with condenser temperature options of either -55°C or -85°C. It can be used with a range of chambers and accessories. If you are seeking to increase the capacity of your drying area then the LSCC10 chamber, ( available with optional heating, if required) has ten removable freeze drying trays, each tray measuring 450mm x 345mm. It has a single viewport for product viewing and, combined with the LyoDry Midi, it offers an excellent solution to entry level, lower cost pilot scale freeze drying.

  • LyoDry Midi Pro freeze dryer has the added advantage of data logging, trends, pressure control, ethernet comms and a colour touch screen control. With this option you are gaining not only additional capacity, but also some of the features and benefits you would have with a traditional pilot scale freeze dryer, but at significantly lower cost. The combination of LyoDry Midi Pro with LSCC10H heated 10-tray chamber enables pre-programmable freeze drying 'recipes'.

  • LyoDry Heritage freeze dryer is ideally suited to pilot scale freeze drying of food and beverages, flowers and archaeological artefacts. It has a front loading chamber which is temperature controlled -40°C to +50°C; ice condenser capacities of either 30Kg or 60Kg; and drying areas of either 2.8 or 5.2m². Touch screen control, data logging, trends and optional remote view are ideal for instant and historical analysis of your freeze drying operation.

  • LyoDry Maxi freeze dryer is a fully automated pilot scale freeze dryer which is more suited to pharmaceutical applications, with options of 3, 4 or 5 shelves with shelf temperature control options of either -40 to +60°C, or -60 to +60°C. End point determination and optional stoppering, touch screen control with reproducible process profiles, data and event logging, analysis, and a full audit trail are just some of the features available.

  • LyoDry Grande freeze dryer is also ideally suited to pilot scale (or small scale production) pharmaceutical freeze drying. With even greater capacity provided by nine temperature controlled shelves, and an ice condenser capacity of 30Kg, a full system mimic on the touch screen display provides a user friendly interface, giving a clear indication of system status. Process variables and product temperatures, systems status and fault indicators can be viewed in real time or logged continuously to memory.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers are UK designed, manufactured and supported by MechaTech Systems, based in Bristol, UK.

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